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Good News About Police...
If you are looking for the good exemplary events about the police, you can very well surf this media and find thousands of best elements of the Police in Tamilnadu. Thus, it functions as a bridge, which builds friendliness between the police and the public. It seldom happens in web histories, because we usually find all those unwanted policing, atrocities, and dismayed events about the police in general. On the contrary, through this web we will build the healthy concept about the police among the public. We project genuine and positive elements of the Police, like  their unceasing surveillance, human concern, clearing the traffic, losing their lives in their fight against criminals, and maintaining the decorum of the society at the cost of their  lives. Thus, we  highlight genuine and positive happenings in and around police. We have taken up a very noble cause at the interest of the Police as well of the Public, in order to motivate the Police to do their duties more energetically as well to make the public realize the efforts taken by the police to keep them safe. Hence, you are on the right police website, finding valuable news about police.

"Newsmedia Association of India is very proud to launch Police News Plus e-Magazine, Police is one of the most admired and respected People in India, and to have work with police  team to launch Police News Plus e-Magazine. Newsmedia Association of India. "As experts in content creation and multiplatform media solutions, we were well positioned to develop this new brand called Police News Plus e-Magazine on separate media platforms, thereby enhancing our brand portfolio and strengthening our presence among citizens." Readers will find special sections about exclusive police interviews that include their personal success secrets: articles are on action, adventure, cleverness, crime, law and order, photography, style, Eye-catching images and entertaining photos are also part of this new online magazine's appeal police styles  and action. Highlights of the magazine include enlightening interviews of DGP, ADGP's, DIG's COMMISSIONER's will also be regular content contributors to the Police News Plus e-Magazine.

Police Committed for Citizens..
 It brings us great pleasure to introduce you to the Police News Plus e-Magazine. India's number one source for police news and information, as an independent publication. The Police News Plus e- Magazine is committed to work with the citizens of India and to assure that the city will remain safer zone with the unceasing surveillance of the Police. The purpose of this Police Media Plus e-magazine is to inform citizens the efforts taken by the local police to maintain social peace, sacrificial attitudeof the Police while protecting the public from the antisocial elements and their love and concern for the human lives will be highlighted instantly. What's unique about Police News Plus e-Magazine is how the information is presented. Long articles are not included on the site; Police News Plus e-Magazine only includes pieces that are between 100 and 200 words. As all articles are short and to the point, readers will be able to get the information they want in a timely manner. The team at Police News Plus e-Magazine understands that the modern man's day can be overwhelmingly busy, and all content produced by the digital  magazine is created to meet the readers informative needs. Because Police News Plus e-Magazine is a digital publication, videos are also used for readers' enjoyment. Amusing, informational and  inspirational videos are posted to complement the written articles and photographs included on the site. The site is easy to navigate and readers can choose topics they're interested in from the clearly labelled menu. It is also incredibly easy to search the site for specific articles or topics of interest: the  search bar is clearly marked and easy to find. There is also a space created for the business people & service providers to advertise.

The visual and editorial quality of Police News Plus e-Magazine. is top-notch and its pages are inspired by the values and interests of its content. The Police News Plus e-Magazine's style is elegant and sparkling, simple and contemporary, and creates an inviting world that has something for People & Police in every area of their lives. Proposed plan By late September 2014 will be an iPad version on the Apple Newsstand and readers will be able to subscribe to the issues of Police News Plus e-Magazine in the tablet version. Newsmedia Association of India, India's emerging media journalists association and targeting 1,00,000 Citizens Reporters / volunteers memberships.


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